How To Make Full Moon Water

Empower and cleanse yourself

Julie Nyhus MSN, FNP-BC


Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

Skywatchers and moon lovers prepare!

The next full moon of 2021 is on Thursday, June 24th and we will be able to see June’s full moon, also called the strawberry moon.

According to NASA, the term “strawberry moon” was first used by the Algonquin tribes of North America. Since the June full moon is considered the last full moon of spring, the name “strawberry moon” comes from the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries in the north-eastern US.

What better moon to make your first batch of Full Moon Water.

Full Moon Water


One clear glass jar/container with lid

Water from the tap, a bottle, or a natural source (be sure it’s safe to ingest if you plan to drink it)

1 or more water-proof crystals such as clear quartz, rose quartz or amethyst (optional)

1 or more cleansing herbs such as lavender for healing and relaxation, rosemary for protection, sweetgrass for positive energy, or mugwort for dream clarity (optional)

A lighter/matches and fire-safe bowl for burning the herbs (optional)

Label . . . recommendation: Full Moon in Cancer — Strawberry Moon 6.24.2021

Intention . . . a specific focus on love, peace, serenity, cleansing, or clarity


  1. Cleanse the glass jar/container with the smoke from your herbs
  2. Add label to outside of jar/container
  3. Add crystals to the jar/container
  4. Add water to jar/container and place the lid
  5. Place the jar/container somewhere outside to harness the lunar energy of a full moon

Placing the jar or container outside, whether it is cloudy or not, will allow the water to pick up the charges of the full moon.

6. Meditate. Before you leave the jar outside all night, it’s a good time to meditate and set your intention. Holding your hands over the moon water, envision the full moon 🌕 and the lunar energy 🌜 moving from the crown of your head through your body…



Julie Nyhus MSN, FNP-BC

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